GIGS10 OCT No. 420 RUKI Interview Part 1/2
GIGS10 OCT No. 420
Rukis Interview
As we finished the album, we noticed that it's pretty similar to our splitting image.

(I) At the time of the Budoukan show in march, it was decided that you'll announce, that you'll make „THE BEGINNING OF OMINOUS YEAR“ the core of the Album „DOGMA“, but first: around what time did the strong word „DOGMA“ came around?

Ruki: Last year we led the topic of the tour circle around „Redefinition“, but in that time we did „STACKED RUBBISH“ ('07 release) and „DIM“ ('09 release) in the PULSE WRIGGLING TO DIM SCENE“ tour, so it was around june,wasn't it. But, this time's logo included, to be honest, the word „DOGMA“ was already there in the beginning of last year. At this time, we still didn't know how we would use it, but as we did lives, we thought about our bands situation and included the relationship with our fans, so the word „DOGMA“ fitted nicely, I thought. Also, at the time I saw the picture we used for the CD Cover, the image came up. At this point the title „DOGMA“ was decided for me. At the time of the first choosing of the songs, we chose the songs without deciding what kind of album it will be, at this time it was that I brought „OMINOUS“ with me, but as we were heading for the next song choosing it was that I told the members about my thoughts of „DOGMA“. From then on everyone made songs regarding „DOGMA“. At this time the prototype of „BLEMSIH“ was there too, because our we thought it was good, we corrected it, so it became „DOGMA“ish. The song 'DOGMA' was half way done at the second song meeting.

(I): Till the image of the artwork, it surprises me, that everything was afloat, but „DOGMA“, but I guess you really thought a lot about the meaning „DOGMA“ is carrying.

Ruki: Yes. First of all, we noticed that the public image like religious scene of a live we're doing, isolates itself in the visual kei scene and gives the feeling that it's not really mixing (with others from the scene)... but yeah, we don't want it to be mixed so... We're respecting our senior bands! As we thought about them, we also thought what kind of band we should be and a band that is doing that kind of stile for 13 years, somehow isn't really here. For us it's a normal thing, but if you take a look from above, you get the impression that we're becoming darker increasingly. We wrote these [songs] as „not merging black“, but even more than this black to go to an even deeper place, seems to be the right answer for us. That's something absolute that we want to deliver the fans. You get the feeling of yourself as a symbol of god, a symbol of black, and you don't know if this black cover is male or female and that is connected to it, isn't it? Like a cult group that mistakes the world, but we're respecting the people who act on their convictions... to include this nuance that stile fits us I think. That is why the absolute word „Kyougi“ (dogma), that includes many meanings came up, I guess.

(I): That means, you named it after the word „DOGMA“, but because you weren't doing something unusual, but more like it was decided that it's the word that summarizes your own steps until now, isn't it? With the set up of this topic, was the song making becoming easier, or was it the opposite, that you were bound by it? It seems that every (member) was different too.

Ruki: Isn't the term „DOGMA“ pretty abstract itself? Therefore everyone made songs with his own taste of „DOGMA“, I think. That means that the song who got sorted out, weren't „DOGMA-like“, right? For reasons we may or may not know (lol). But we made the parts, where everyone was nodding the right interpretation.

(I): Some time ago we had the talk, that you had the intention of excluding everything of its EDM (electronic dance music) and such, but why was that? To say it in different words, it was to harden your music, wasn't it?
R: yeah. The albums from „TOXIC“ (release 2011) to „BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY“ (release 2013) were pretty experimental wasn't it? At that time, there wasn't a band who did music like that. But, now as we asked us if we wanted to get to the bottom of it or something, as expected it wasn't like that. Then we couldn't tell a concrete concept, but through the redefinition tours we were able to see something like our own sign! So if we have to tell what wasn't enough at live, it was the really heavy and dark part! Always if we're producing an album, we pay attention to the balance. But this time we excluded the one song where I always want to sing beautifully. In addition we also excluded to think like we should do several strong and several medium ones. It's less which system is better, than that got to the point that we wanted to be biased. That gives an natural like band sound and an unusual feeling of structure. To say it even more detailed, anyway to recommend smth like down tuning or major chords are a no-go (lol), it just gives smth like strange feelings. That was something that was in every members heart.

(I): But of course it doesn't mean that the various experiments you did, were wrong, but it means that with every way of expressing it can be a dark and heavy form, isn't it?

(R): yeah. On the basis of such a way of thinking we calculated everything. Therefore I have the feeling that this time it's pretty near to our instinct. That is different from the way to build things until now, and I have the feeling that we're going back to our original stile.

Depravity Translation
*I don’t appear on this paper
Not even an unreasonable excuse and not even a burried truth

**the violance that beats the tenacious crowd,
that is praised by a god that is called sin?
[You should die]
the backside of the truth is aways like that
with tears out of blood
[Somebody has drowned]

the conected heart
the wish to go and meet
without hoping what will you loose at the end?

the past is touching and I know what is rotting here
what my head filled out is


the deep darkness won't leave me anywhere

my paralysis is smashed
I killed the sleepless night and
the living weakness
even my tears withered completely

the conected heart is
the wish to let you go is
without hoping what will you loose at the end?

GODDESS Translation
Suffering from day after day
the reason to live
I embrace the solution that hits the bottom

I'm drowning in the limit, believe and suffer from this „some time“ I can't see
The depressing feeling is beginning to dissolve even the sacrifice without hating the smiling heart

I want to become a star, that buries the silence
I give the overflowing sin a voice, let's be twisted
In a pale and floating shallow sleep
the broken depression turns to your hand, which is stroking the scratch

suffering from day after day
just for the sake of living I'm hoping
the end is...

I'm drowning in the limit and believe and suffer from this „some time“ I can't see
The depressing feeling is beginning to dissolve even the sacrifice without hating the smiling heart

I can't become a star that buries the silence
I'm struggling to kill my voice in overflowing sin
if only I could share my sadness that can't be described
If I can live with acknowledging the broken depression facing the reality...

thanks to @sweetlolixo​ for the scans!

UGLY Translation
Before I post the translation... thee japanese was really difficult to understand.I asked 3 japanese friends of mine, and they discussed quite some time about the meaning xD
I hope it's not completely wrong...

*Play in the circle
Come pay for your filthiness
The bloody scaffold and bitch

**Please die… before I die
Lies and lying eyes

***Evil fame
Inside #2

completely deformed Insane

****Death to Traitors
Scaffold and bitch
The invading numbers are ringed with hatred
Death to Traitors
Scaffold and bitch
the Crime that wishes for oblivion

This pain doesn't reach you
the you, who's living a lie
next to me, who isn't able to sleep

Are you still alive?


Scaffold and bitch
The invading numbers are ringed with hatred
Death to Traitors
Scaffold and bitch
the Crime that wishes for oblivion

I can't atone for my sin
You, who is falling as ugliness
Even now I stand in the deep water of death

Are you still alive?


Thanks to sweetlolixo for the scans!

GIGS 2015 OCT No. 420

Ruki speaking about Uruhas being
Our associating with each other is long, but in short he's stubborn (lol). Because it's Uruha, who deepened the talk about music, our direction and the things we aimed for were similar, I think. But I'm probably the exact opposite of him, aren't I? Especially about phrases he's crazy, while I'm more rough. That's why, since we met his songs are really easy to understand. There are many people who can't do something like that (lol). For example, his B melody is getting suddenly insanely difficult or something, rushes to make his guitar buwah and makes the vocal go to a place where it's nearly impossible to go, something like that (lol). It's like that since before. At times where I sing low, he doesn't stay at low tunes, he uses low and moves to high tunes too (lol). In this aspect I got the feeling, that he's really guitarist-like.

Ruki about his former self
Before, I was a person with a relative lack of seriousness, now I'm doing more things like thinking, so I want to tell him (his former self) that he should become serious in advance (lol). In the early days something like mobilization of people, or to get higher sales- this will come one way or the other, so I often memorized this, as I made songs, but now it's more important to know to which extent you can do the things you like to do. The result is, that now I'm more absorbed in making music seriously, I think. But it's just that I'm glad, that I'm still having interest to „build something“. In my case, I elaborate songs pretty detailed. Especially because I had no guitar training so far, but somehow I tried some imitations by watching others and in many occasions it went well and I'm really glad that my interest in in tunes of many parts continued.

GIGS 2015 OCT No. 420

Uruha speaking about Aois being
He is... emotional, isn't he? (lol) The part that I'm envious about, is that he can express his feelings on lives really great. If I'm looking at Aoi, I'm envious that he can express it better than me. But the time we met for the first time, it wasn't like that. If I have to say what he was like, the impression of him was searching in the dark for something he wanted to do. He didn't had something like strong roots, like me, who always strived after Sugizo after he joined Luna Sea. Therefore, without restricting himself on a decided theory, and without something that was chaining him, maybe his „rock part“ was pretty strong I guess. He's the one who's carrying the most rock parts, and anyhow his expressing emotions makes him an exciting player.

Uruha about his former self
If I could meet my former self, I want to tell him „Play more in Arpeggio! (lol) (he probably meant that he should play more stept by step and not so many things at ones). Because I loved to cut tunes in the beginning, I just studied this stile. And, if i take a look at what my own play became like in GazettE I have pretty much Arpeggio (lol). That was always something like my weak point, and I want him (his former self) to study this more (lol). But my greed concerning equipment was strong since before! I really thought, that it's great that my pusuit after the equipment didn't change in the middle. What I like about new things is, that even now my pusuit of equipment is steadily growing. And also my equipment is more simple than the one I used until now, by any means my amp became a Mesa/Boogie (a brand of amp) (lol).
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GIGS 2015 OCT No. 420

Aoi speaking about Reitas being
Reita's giving a sense of reliability. That means you trust him, doesn't it? In this aspect he's similar to Kai, but if you look at him as a person and also as a player, he gives an impression that he's doing everthing sincerely. He doesn't break his words, eases one, and helps you with your own play, he's that kind of player. Of course I have faith in every member, but if we talk about faith, Reita is the one, who gives you an extra relieved feeling... but yeah I haven't thought about it that much (lol). Also he's not staggering, and also he's really skillful! If I ask him for a phrase, he's implementing it for me. Sometimes I say and do really vague things, but Reita has the skill to give them a more solid form. That didn't change from before.

Aoi about his former self
Ah yeah... I want to tell him that he should take music more serious! (lol) I thought that I'm one step behind the other members. So as I always watched the others, I noticed that I'm behind them and wanted to change that. Therefore I'd tell my former self to take music more seriousl if I had the chance to meet him. Eventually, if I think of the old days, it was really important for me to meet these member, if these guys weren't there... I think I wouldn't do music. From the beginning onwards I did it with interest, and I thought about making music my work, but I hadn't the knowledge about music that I have now. Especially because I could meet these member and that I got stimulus from them is connected to the pleasure and the deepness that I got to know from the music, I guess.
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GIGS 2015 OCT No. 420

Reita speaking about Kais being
As I met Kai for the first time, I had the feeling that he's an interesting guy. His feet were naked (lol), also while he said, that the stick is better if it's heavy, he carried it reversely. Personally I really like such strange people and thought that we'll somehow fit together. But with the time passing he's getting more sirious. But to begin with, the drums are the basement for everything, isn't it? At that time, we doubted if we can peacefully trust him with the drums, but now we have great trust in him. Also he's the one who's the most detailed and the most nervous one, so he holds the responsibility as a leader- or better said, he was like „I'll be the leader!“ and since then he's pulling everyone with him. Because I'm not the type, who's pulling people with him, this part of him really saved me.

To my former self
Now I can say, that it would be better to start with plucking (lol). Because I started as a pickplayer, I got the feeling I played a completely different instrument, the moment I played with my fingers. If you do it both ways, it's like bi-lingual, and your own play becomes even wider, I think. But yeah, basically I can say, that I'm really glad, that I continued playing bass. As expected I'm the typ, who doesn't continue anything, and except for playing bass, there's nothing I'm continuing. After all I have the impression, that since I started playing bass, I was able to build my character and that this instrument was the reason I was able to do it. Also I just remember wanting to play in the GazettE. I can't imagine to play the bass if it's not for the GazettE.
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GIGS Member comments - Kai
GIGS 2015 OCT No. 420

Kai speaking about Rukis being.
Anyway, concerning Ruki, he's not making any compromises. He gives the impression, that he always has a goal before his eyes and also the recordings of his voice is precise and strong, therefore he's always taking challenges, if we can really do it. In fact, it's him that always wants more, even if we think it's okay. That's why his point of view of visions as an artist is awesome, I think. At the time we first met, he didn't have this view yet, and easy said his range was wide and his voice great. I thought that his voice was really enchaining! Because of our work together, I got stimulations and the rang as an artist was getting better.

To my former self
Everything I want to tell my former self, are advices (lol). First would be, that he should become more stoic. Honestly, my former self didn't think about anything, so I want to tell him, that he should think about things, that are important and that he should do the things he likes to do properly. So, I'd like to change the subject from shows to another one, in fact I really like communication between people since before. Precisely it was because I could have met these people, get stimulation from these people, that I was able to study bit by bit. This didn't change since then. For example I'm still going to talk with the staff when we're on tour. It's a totally different topic, but I'm a person to appreciate the staff, and that's something that probably won't change. (Kai)

english checked by Ivy

Self Liner Notes CD & DL Data
Self liner notes
1 NIHIL "because digital and electro elements are suitable in this work, if possible we wanted these parts included in the sing we made (Uruha)
2 DOGMA "scale in gothik style, if we made it with asian Instruments, how would it be? At this stance, we wanted to make a song where until the end there is no Refrain. That's the topic. The lyrics are filled with the purpuse of us (Ruki)
3 RAGE „ the music composition is really intersting, because the feeling of the tempo, as well as it's not a tempo that naturally proceeds “ (Kai) „The lyrics are close to DOGMA, but it's a little bit nearer to angryness. The sutra-like sound part is a feature of this song.“ (Ruki)
4 DAWN „With quite a speed that is kept, it strikes the refrain, but this mellow refrain, this umbalance is really interesting I think“ (Reita) „There I sing about what led to this song ang about (the time) until the Budoukan on the 10.3.“ (Ruki)
5 DERACINE „originally this song had the title „sorrow“, and it's a song that has a sad color. I wondered how to make simple expressions swell up and faced that in this song.“ (Uruha) „In the lyrics I thing about a person who throws the place he blongs to away“ (Ruki)
6 BIZARRE Because we included Uruhas A melody with his tappingguitar, we were able to make a song where you could feel the stoicism of the band. The song is about what I think of juvenile crimes“ (Ruki) (that was last years disscussed topic here in japan)
7 WASTELAND I tried to make a song about the things you won't show often to other people, I tried to make the spiteful part of oneself into a melody.“ (Aoi) „the lyrics are about the net that judged by law“ (Ruki)
8 INCUBUS Because it was a song without a refrain at first, I thought it will be a rocking melody, but surprisingly it became a song with a refreshing feeling.“ (Kai) „I wrote these lyrics about a woman, who suffers from a trauma of the past“ (Ruki)
9 LUCY Because it's a conceptual album, I think a rocking song like that is a must. The lyrics are about that we have to drop hell with our own hands, and that there a guys who are dazzled by money.
10 GRUDGE We did this song with the intention, that it would be good if there were a song where you have to listen to steadily. It's a song we wanted you to listen to it by by the nuance of the sound.“ (Aoi) „just recently I saw the movie „Gone Girl“, because of that the lyrics were influenced by it, I think.“ (Ruki)
11 PARALYSIS We aimed for a song where the intensity stayed until the end and the guitar play came to its limit.“ (Uruha) „The lyrics are about a person, who's turning towards bad things to fulfill his desires.“(Ruki)
12 DEUX „the lyrics show a split personality. Suddenly a moment where you think something like „I'm diving into...“ is spelled. As a song we made it with our images of how we do a single.“ (Ruki)
13 BLEMISH „It's a song that had a refrain with a firm melody from the first song choosing meeting, but as we considered the flow of the whole album, Ruki remade it and so consequently it was the song that was completed as the last one.“(Kai) „The lyrics are about our „missing part“.“(Ruki)
14 OMINOUS I thought about showing something like a different space-like world and it was the song that we imagined from the beginning to the end. The lyrics include the meaning of OMINOUS and all its matters, and is like a afterword.“(Ruki)


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