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the GazettE Interview GiGS OCT.2015


I wonder at what time,but we ended up with a specialisation on something like a world view [RUKI]

It's less about reaching perfection than about reaching a standard. [URUHA]

Step by step the things we check increased in quantity, so as a result it's getting more detailed.[AOI]

the reason why I thought that we have to succeed with our own power is,that we came to often play in big venues. [REITA]

As an essence of the band the GazettE, the things we're persuading are charming I think.  [KAI]

I: the first time everyone of you experienced a performance before people was probably around middle school, I think,  but what are your memories of that time?

RU: at the 3rd year of middle school, there was a camp for the graduation and it was at that time, but at that time I played the drums, didn't I? It's a story about drums tho (lol) (not exactly sure how I should translate it,but it's not usual to play drums at such a camp,so it's like:really?wtf). It was LUNA SEAs "HURT", THE YELLOW MONKEYs "LOVE LOVE SHOW" and SEX PISTOLS "Bodies", why I don't know, but we choose this setlist (lol).
A: at this time it was such a atmosphere,  wasn't it, such an awful setlist (lol). I was invited by an older student to do a live in the gym. I guess it was around the 3rd year of middle school? It wasn't my generation, but we played around two songs of ZIGGY at that time.
K: for me it probably was one time in the second year, the first time was at an open piano meeting from my mother. I supported my mother in the background as she played. The teacher, who always teached me, usually played with her, but he asked if we didn't want to play as mother child.
RU: it gives the feeling of a thoroughbred, doesn't it? (lol)
K: Nonono (lol). It was really easy and just 8 beats, but it was pretty rigid (lol) I wonder if it was around 2nd year of middle school...
RE: my first performance was with a band I had with Uruha, wasn't it. We reserved a live house and did a two man show! We nearly did just covers of LUNA SEA, 8 songs or so. Even though I wanted to headbang awfully much,but as I watched the video later, I hadn't moved at all...and yet the next day my neck hurt like hell and I had a fever with 39 degrees (lol). That was in high school on the 28th October, wasn't it.
U: you remember quite well  (lol)
RE: It's also our leaders birthday (lol)

I: it's a day you should remember for many reasons, isn't it?(lol) Was that your first performance too, Uruha-kun?

U: no, for me it was in the 3rd year of middle school at the school festival. A teacher played the drums, but we played LUNA SEAs "ROSIER" and Mr. Childrens "innocent world".
RE: as he played the guitar in the school festival I lend him my amp! After that he didn't give it back... I also had just started, but the pure sound of an electric guitar is boring isn't it? So it was thanks to him that I quit the guitar (lol)
A: but, if you didn't lend it to Uruha at that time, the GazettE wouldn't be here now (lol)

I: the meeting of everyone of the GazettE was a miracle wasn't it? (lol) around what time did your own way to do lives establish?

U: wasn't it after Kai-kun joined the GazettE that we established our own fun way to do lives?
RE: well, after we were able to do a decent tour, we came to use the things we regretted in the previous lives, so after that,right? For example that the setlist shouldn't be like that, but like this, or something.
RU: because until that time, until that day we didn't submit a setlist, right? (lol) We thought since the beginning that the live itself is something we enjoy too!
U: even if we're saying that the live is fun, there were also days were we just had 6 guests.
A: yeah. But we had something like a dream, I guess. If we went on tour, at that time we had to share rooms in a hotel, right? There, while we looked at the ceiling, we talked about what kind of tunes we want to produce and such things (lol)
RE: do you want to share rooms again? (lol)
A: no, it's okay now (lol) probably everything was like that because we were young, wasn't it.
RE: but if we'd still sleep crowded together, certainly we wouldn't sleep and fall into such a condition (where they'd talk about the tunes instead of sleeping), wouldn't we? (lol).

I: it was the most important to use the regret of these days for the next lives, but I think what made you progress even more was that every time there were various points!

A: especially in the beginning, there wasn't something like a one man live, so we went for events, but anyway we had the spirit of catching fans, didn't we?
RU: it also happened that we saw the band before us and changed the setlist so we'll have the heavier live than them. The first time we had a two man was with Nightmare, I think. I thought that they were pretty heated! At that time even though we said that we catched fans, we probably didn't (lol). But it's not like we'd loose in intensity! Something like that.
U: we had no limits, right? At that time.
RE: we wanted to stand out, therefore we prepared the (stages special equipment) CO2 too, right.
RU: also I did crowd surfing or something like that in the SE (lol)
RE: Into the seats where just 30 people were standing, right (lol)
U: the performance for example we thought that everyone was great, so we were depressed at the rehearsal, didn't we? So, if I speak about the things we were able to do at that time, it would have been over if we lost at enthusiasm,right? (lol) It's no use to compete somewhere you can't win, right?
A: we always did practices didn't we.

I: but, it's important to do different things than other people, isn't it?

A: yeah that's right. That's something we still can say and it didn't change since the past.
RU: since we were able to do more one man shows, our way to do lives might have changed.

U: after entering the office, we were told that we had to decide the setlist in advance.

RE: yeah, at a time were we had a two man show the next day, we got a mail from our manager that he wanted the setlist for the next day! As we answered that it's fine if we do it at that day, promptly a phone call came and they asked what the hell we're thinking (lol). So that's why we decide in advance and as we enter the rehearsal it was like: "ohh, I see" (everyone laughs). Until we understood that, it took us one year (lol).

I: but that doesn't mean that there were no cases in which you decided just on the day, right? Till now you're doing lives for many years, so was there some decisions that left an impression?

U: I think that regularly changes arrive, but lately it was the latest Budoukan for example.

RU: the time that I felt like I got a feeling of responsibility, I wonder where was it. Since the first Budoukan? We already had the talk that we didn't have an [responsibility] till then though (lol)

Re: but, the time I thought that we had to be successful with our own strength, was, because we came to be able to often play at huge venues, wasn't it.

A: the lives until then were in the live houses of the seniors of our office! Therefore I know that it's quite selfish.  But the first time of Budoukan, it was a 10000 people venue and the office was of unknown quality so, while everyone cooperated, we had to think about many things. In this spirit we went for a venue we could use and as we performed there, a live would be established, but this situation didn't happen.
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