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GIGS10 OCT No. 420 All member interview part 2


I: the way you do your lives lately, are there points that are originally the GazettE?

RU: I wonder at what time,but we ended up with a specialisation on something like a world view, but after it became like that, we became more detailed, right.
A: it's detailed, isn't it. Because we're requesting for the shooting of the light on the day of the live. Of course we're doing something like simulations before the real thing on the computer! But we came to think about the whole stage didn't we? We have no one who's in charge of the directions, so we have to come up with everything by ourselves.
RU: even if the tour starts, I watch the pictures of the previous day and the next morning after we enter the venue, before the rehearsal starts, I get the part that worried me corrected, we do the rehearsal and correct it right before the real show. Therefore until shortly before the entry we're stuffed [with things to do]. There we'll first of all try it and continue in the same manner the next day, so we're getting an impression that we're slowly getting near our perfection.
U: even if the tour already started, if there is still potential, we'll continue to make changes.
RU: we're also pretty detailed with every song. For example, after the head of the SE comes the intro, the A - melody that makes the mood. If we have around one month of time for preparations I think it will turn out perfect, but somehow it's not working like that, right? Of course the things we have to entrust to others are entrusted, but the important thing about the view of the world is, that we can't compromise. Lately there is a picture announcement after the lives right? We're even requesting for the timing of the blackout for the screening or something like that. It's weather you get goosebumps or not, isn't it?

I: the seconds of the connection from song to song you're playing at a live is a also something you're particular about, aren't you?

RU: yeah. Therefore we have something that's called a blue blackout, which allows the member to still see their instruments, but from then on we get cue that it will get totally dark.
U: we're particular about the trigger.
K: because we're doing many meetings with the members and also with the staff, if in the middle of the live it's not like we talked about, everyone will notice.
RU: if for example the timing of a silhouette is late, there won't be a shadow or something (lol). But the staff who's doing that for us... I don't know if he's enjoying it though (lol)
K: they are telling us that it's challenging, don't they? Or that it's very difficult to handle. It's really helping us that we have staff like that.

I: if you say it like that, it's perfectionism, isn't it?

RU: simply said, it's rather that we're asking us more how we think about it than how it is for our fans.
U: It's less about reaching perfection than about reaching a standard.
RU: a live is to store up the things from the CD and let them be transferred into action, so everyone has an atmosphere or a view in their imagination. But it's about that, if you think about a night sky it would be strange to have red lightning, right? But that's an extreme thing. We're handling such abstract phrases!

I: how is facing the perspective of the song as a vocalist?

RU: it's probably just a matter weather I should include it or not. Are the song before and after that song a flow, or would it work if I changed it, should we stop the play, or the vocals? It's probably just about that. If it was a good or a bad live for a vocalist it's that, I guess.
A: especially if I'm not doing it with self command it's becoming a total mess, and with me being distracted, how could anyone let me do a live ? (lol) well, it doesn't concern the members, but if the power supply of the equipment isn't switched on or something, it will make some echo! That's a pretty difficult part to check, isn't it? In the morning, after I enter the venue, I'll first go there.

I: the things you have carefully to prepare are piling up, aren't they?

A: yeah. But because I want to be relaxed, it doesn't change much.
U: I also want to do different things than the vocalist, and the standard to put (feelings into the songs), or not is the most important part, isn't it? If we really put the feelings inside, it's not about emotions like having fun or not, but that something in my own condition is different! Isn't it about the concentration being high and about enjoying the venue? I feel it's worth doing for many reasons! Therefore, in an enviroment were we're able to do that, we're going to find this during a tour. It's not necessarily something I have control about, but that's probably the part that is considerably important.
RE: It's my major premise, that I want to go home with a good feeling, but to for this purpose I don't want to pile up stress from during a live. But something like somatic pain has to be controlled! If the feet aren't firmly on the ground or something. There it happens that problems are appearing, so I'm starting the live from already sweating a little... since I got used to stretch and do a light muscle training around 30 minutes before the live, that pretty much changed. How much do I sweat if I start in reality? If I don't get loose and soggy fast, I can't get into it, and I won't fall into a state of redundant power.
K: To concentrate on the live, and my wish to put my feelings into it are the same, but … I want to do it as we planned! For example, weather we can use the lightning on the venue, weather everyone properly knows about it or not, if you don't know about it or forget about it, the moment a problem like this happens you're surprised and you have to face it. If you're aware of this, isn't it that you can concentrate on the live?
Re: It's like a director, isn't it? (lol)
K: no, it's different! (lol) It's not that much about the members and the staff being aware of the flow, but if we're able to do it, or not, but for me it's not the most stressful, but it's an environment where I can concentrate! That's why I'm saying all the things I notice, isn't it? (lol).

I: There are also things happening you can't forecast right?

K: well yeah. But we can't do anything about problems with the equipment right? That's not something we can put the blame on. How to do in these times.. If there's an accident you have to convey it properly to the other members. I want the things we can't forecast too to go as we planned.

I: I see... I think, that the lives of the GazettE are build in a minute, but it's even more detailed, than we can imagine, right?

K: For us it's a matter of course, so we're not really giving any thought about it, but from the outside it might be like that.
A: Because we're doing it for a long time already, the single things we're confirming became an enormous amount, and as a result it's becoming more detailed right? I guess every band has their own way to do these things.

I: What this tour will become like, seen from this point of view the things to look forward to are incresing, aren't they?

Ru: What the worldview of „DOGMA“ completes, are the lives! Because we're and the fans are here, because the lightning get's adjusted. What „DOGMA“ really is, I think we're experiencing it since the first day step by step. We're also expecting things and the feeling to complete the absolute „DOGMA“ is pretty strong.
U: the last album was released just 2 years earlier, in the history of the GazettE the time we work on the conception is pretty long, but to hold this firmly build work in their own hands, it's that kind of tour, isn't it. The expectations of the fans who waited, are pretty hight too I think, and because I'm believing, that the dark content is able to answer these, I want everyone to feel easy and enjoy themselves.
RE: From the source of the tunes, it's complete, but the existence of „DOGMA“ is just barely born. How we could let it grow, was through the circumstance of the tour, and... equally, it's an album that was born because many things happened. I don't know how it possibly could fall down, but we have the responsibility to make it successful.
A: Because it's an well elaborated work, to the point where we thought how it would tempt on a live, it let's us try out our ability as a band, I think.
K: Our way to produce doesn't change in the basic, but the things everyone thinks about, the technic, and of course things that have potential are especially good I think. As an essence of the band the GazettE, the things we’re persuading are charming I think, so I want everyone to look forward to it.

thank you for reading! It's the first whole interview I translated. Probably there are many mistakes in it, but I tried my best and hope you had at least a little bit of fun reading it!
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