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GIGS 2015 OCT No. 420

Ruki speaking about Uruhas being
Our associating with each other is long, but in short he's stubborn (lol). Because it's Uruha, who deepened the talk about music, our direction and the things we aimed for were similar, I think. But I'm probably the exact opposite of him, aren't I? Especially about phrases he's crazy, while I'm more rough. That's why, since we met his songs are really easy to understand. There are many people who can't do something like that (lol). For example, his B melody is getting suddenly insanely difficult or something, rushes to make his guitar buwah and makes the vocal go to a place where it's nearly impossible to go, something like that (lol). It's like that since before. At times where I sing low, he doesn't stay at low tunes, he uses low and moves to high tunes too (lol). In this aspect I got the feeling, that he's really guitarist-like.

Ruki about his former self
Before, I was a person with a relative lack of seriousness, now I'm doing more things like thinking, so I want to tell him (his former self) that he should become serious in advance (lol). In the early days something like mobilization of people, or to get higher sales- this will come one way or the other, so I often memorized this, as I made songs, but now it's more important to know to which extent you can do the things you like to do. The result is, that now I'm more absorbed in making music seriously, I think. But it's just that I'm glad, that I'm still having interest to „build something“. In my case, I elaborate songs pretty detailed. Especially because I had no guitar training so far, but somehow I tried some imitations by watching others and in many occasions it went well and I'm really glad that my interest in in tunes of many parts continued.
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