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GIGS 2015 OCT No. 420

Uruha speaking about Aois being
He is... emotional, isn't he? (lol) The part that I'm envious about, is that he can express his feelings on lives really great. If I'm looking at Aoi, I'm envious that he can express it better than me. But the time we met for the first time, it wasn't like that. If I have to say what he was like, the impression of him was searching in the dark for something he wanted to do. He didn't had something like strong roots, like me, who always strived after Sugizo after he joined Luna Sea. Therefore, without restricting himself on a decided theory, and without something that was chaining him, maybe his „rock part“ was pretty strong I guess. He's the one who's carrying the most rock parts, and anyhow his expressing emotions makes him an exciting player.

Uruha about his former self
If I could meet my former self, I want to tell him „Play more in Arpeggio! (lol) (he probably meant that he should play more stept by step and not so many things at ones). Because I loved to cut tunes in the beginning, I just studied this stile. And, if i take a look at what my own play became like in GazettE I have pretty much Arpeggio (lol). That was always something like my weak point, and I want him (his former self) to study this more (lol). But my greed concerning equipment was strong since before! I really thought, that it's great that my pusuit after the equipment didn't change in the middle. What I like about new things is, that even now my pusuit of equipment is steadily growing. And also my equipment is more simple than the one I used until now, by any means my amp became a Mesa/Boogie (a brand of amp) (lol).
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