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GIGS 2015 OCT No. 420

Aoi speaking about Reitas being
Reita's giving a sense of reliability. That means you trust him, doesn't it? In this aspect he's similar to Kai, but if you look at him as a person and also as a player, he gives an impression that he's doing everthing sincerely. He doesn't break his words, eases one, and helps you with your own play, he's that kind of player. Of course I have faith in every member, but if we talk about faith, Reita is the one, who gives you an extra relieved feeling... but yeah I haven't thought about it that much (lol). Also he's not staggering, and also he's really skillful! If I ask him for a phrase, he's implementing it for me. Sometimes I say and do really vague things, but Reita has the skill to give them a more solid form. That didn't change from before.

Aoi about his former self
Ah yeah... I want to tell him that he should take music more serious! (lol) I thought that I'm one step behind the other members. So as I always watched the others, I noticed that I'm behind them and wanted to change that. Therefore I'd tell my former self to take music more seriousl if I had the chance to meet him. Eventually, if I think of the old days, it was really important for me to meet these member, if these guys weren't there... I think I wouldn't do music. From the beginning onwards I did it with interest, and I thought about making music my work, but I hadn't the knowledge about music that I have now. Especially because I could meet these member and that I got stimulus from them is connected to the pleasure and the deepness that I got to know from the music, I guess.
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