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GIGS 2015 OCT No. 420

Reita speaking about Kais being
As I met Kai for the first time, I had the feeling that he's an interesting guy. His feet were naked (lol), also while he said, that the stick is better if it's heavy, he carried it reversely. Personally I really like such strange people and thought that we'll somehow fit together. But with the time passing he's getting more sirious. But to begin with, the drums are the basement for everything, isn't it? At that time, we doubted if we can peacefully trust him with the drums, but now we have great trust in him. Also he's the one who's the most detailed and the most nervous one, so he holds the responsibility as a leader- or better said, he was like „I'll be the leader!“ and since then he's pulling everyone with him. Because I'm not the type, who's pulling people with him, this part of him really saved me.

To my former self
Now I can say, that it would be better to start with plucking (lol). Because I started as a pickplayer, I got the feeling I played a completely different instrument, the moment I played with my fingers. If you do it both ways, it's like bi-lingual, and your own play becomes even wider, I think. But yeah, basically I can say, that I'm really glad, that I continued playing bass. As expected I'm the typ, who doesn't continue anything, and except for playing bass, there's nothing I'm continuing. After all I have the impression, that since I started playing bass, I was able to build my character and that this instrument was the reason I was able to do it. Also I just remember wanting to play in the GazettE. I can't imagine to play the bass if it's not for the GazettE.
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