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GIGS Member comments - Kai

GIGS 2015 OCT No. 420

Kai speaking about Rukis being.
Anyway, concerning Ruki, he's not making any compromises. He gives the impression, that he always has a goal before his eyes and also the recordings of his voice is precise and strong, therefore he's always taking challenges, if we can really do it. In fact, it's him that always wants more, even if we think it's okay. That's why his point of view of visions as an artist is awesome, I think. At the time we first met, he didn't have this view yet, and easy said his range was wide and his voice great. I thought that his voice was really enchaining! Because of our work together, I got stimulations and the rang as an artist was getting better.

To my former self
Everything I want to tell my former self, are advices (lol). First would be, that he should become more stoic. Honestly, my former self didn't think about anything, so I want to tell him, that he should think about things, that are important and that he should do the things he likes to do properly. So, I'd like to change the subject from shows to another one, in fact I really like communication between people since before. Precisely it was because I could have met these people, get stimulation from these people, that I was able to study bit by bit. This didn't change since then. For example I'm still going to talk with the staff when we're on tour. It's a totally different topic, but I'm a person to appreciate the staff, and that's something that probably won't change. (Kai)

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